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Each year, a group of final year Architecture students prepare and produce a yearbook for the school. They collect all the information, collate the images and prepare the document for print.

This year the book contains examples of work from all the courses in the school as well as a selection of articles from practitioners, professors and contributors. Additional articles on the research output of the school and commentary on current architectural issues make this a valuable record of how the school is reacting to the issues of the day.

The yearbook is available in hardback from the school or to view as a PDF via the button below.

Architecture Years 5 & 6

Part 2 of the course (Stages 5 & 6) engages students with complex issues relating to the design of buildings and our environment and offers opportunities to pursue specialist routes that draw on the expertise of staff, visiting professors and visiting lecturers. Students also have the latitude to relate their projects to the areas of research interest and experience of the School. Students develop align themselves into one of three units and develop an in-depth and complex individual design project in relation to the unit theme over two years.

Click below for more information on Part 2 and to view a selection of projects.

Architecture Years 1, 2 & 3

The first three years or ‘Part 1’ are the foundation years of the Master of Architecture course. The design studio is the backbone of all student learning in Part 1; Students complete a range of projects from small structures which explore form and location to larger projects which examine the cultural role of Architecture.

Click below for more information on Part 1 and to view a selection of projects.

Architectural Technology

Architectural Technology is a relatively new profession in the construction industry, combining a passion for the built environment with an interest in technical design. The course focuses on the making of detailed decisions about the design and construction of buildings and their immediate surroundings. It looks at both new and existing buildings and examines how detail relates to broader design concepts, and how to bring together all aspects of the design process.

Click below to read more about the work of the final year and to see a selection of work.