Architectural Technology

Architectural Technology

Architectural Technology is a relatively new profession which looks at the broad scope of technology within the built environment. Students study for four years to achieve a BSc Honours degree. The first two years form the foundation of students technological knowledge with topics such as construction, structures and environment at the core of their learning.

Students in stage 3 have the opportunity to undertake a placement for one semester and many find interesting and diverse positions within the built environment. This professional experience gives our students a strong platform to build upon for their fourth and final year.

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Stage 4

Fourth year students have a much greater degree of freedom when choosing their focus. The projects at stage four allow Architectural Technologists to explore themes and interests which they have developed in the previous three years, as well as looking at particular areas of knowledge which might be related to the research themes of the school.

Students completing their degree in 2022 were asked to develop ideas for solution which addressed ideas around the legacy of a major sporting event. Students were asked to consider the long term benefits of a sporting event being held near Oban, on the west coast of Scotland. Low carbon and zero carbon design were key ideas which students worked towards and through their private study they developed diverse solutions.

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