Gabriella Szalay

The new Doric Culture Centre is in Denburn valley, replacing the old Denburn Health Centre. The site is on top of a functioning concrete car park, with a central location surrounded by many of Aberdeen’s cultural attractions like the Art Gallery, His Majesty’s Theatre, and the Central Library. The project aims to provide a cultural hub for the speakers of the dialect and accommodates a series of functions to help preserve and promote Doric.

Architectural visual

The initial concept is based on the flow and rhythm of the spoken dialect. I broke up the main solid into smaller components based on functions and organized them to create a continuous motion between the spaces. A continuous roof flows across all the volumes creating a connection between the separate buildings. The three main functions, recording studio, library and archive, and an auditorium for live performances are in the separate buildings connected by a covered path. The landscape is diagonally divided by the building running across the site. The southern half is a hard landscaped civic square, for people to gather and socialize while the northern side of the building provides a quieter soft landscaped garden for the residents of the area.

The materiality is very simple and natural, reflecting the agricultural heritage of the Doric dialect. The structure is CLT, with supportive glulam columns and beams, while the exterior cladding is charred timber.

Architectural plan, section and elevation
Architectural visual