Iuliia Shevliakova

Shiprow Vivacity is the newest addition to the developing area of Aberdeen Shiprow Village. The project aims to restore communication between the people of Aberdeen by bringing the community together in a vibrant public space. The historical traces of Shiprow state that it once used to be a lively street, a pathway between the Castlegate area and the Old Harbour Quay. The redevelopment intends to bring life back and demonstrate the updated area with the preservation of the historical context.

Architectural visual

Within the project, we are aiming to create a threshold between medieval and modern Aberdeen to reintroduce thriving and one of the most historically significant streets. Space will consist of an authentic cafe and artist entertainment venue which will feature local artists and musicians. The concept of the project is based on the transition between the spaces established throughout the hallway formed by the internal courtyard; naturally separating venues and creating an open seating area. The subtle cafe daytime space for meeting up with friends and family, and the entertainment venue, a nigh-time performance space to gather and connect various people of the same interest. The diversity and multipurpose nature of the Shiprow Vivacity will allow it to accommodate a wide range of people satisfying their interests.

Architectural axonometric