Michael McEwan

The identity of the Doric culture is largely defined by the spoken word and over time this language has branched out and evolved in different ways, being heavily influenced by occupations of its people some of which have died out.

The central Aberdeen city dialect has been diluted and the Doric language has been pushed aside as Western dialects increase in usage due to the economy boost from the oil industry. Change is inevitable but the homogenisation of dialects/ language can create loss of identity within culture.

Traditions like agriculture and fishing are integral to the Doric culture as they were the primary occupations of its people. Cultural aspects carried on for years of tough and dangerous labour which created cultural resilience.

The building embodies the resilience of the Doric culture, standing alone amongst the derelict site revitalising the surrounding landscape and revitalise the Doric culture. The wave form of the roof represents the cultural fishing heritage of Doric culture whilst the timber façade and mass timber construction represent the connection to nature and agriculture that Doric has strongly developed.

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