Toby Ross

North-East Scots, generally named Doric, is a dialect spoken by many North easterners, including in the city of Aberdeen. For centuries, the dialect has been repressed, being seen as the ‘improper’ form of the English language. However, with the design of the new Centre of Doric Culture, we wish to change this.

Architectural visual

The new centre will be a celebration of North-eastern heritage. A space that gives Doric speakers a place to belong and call their own. It will welcome the public to embrace the local culture, and expose them to song, film and poetry written and performed in the dialect. The architecture of the Cultural Centre implies a timelessness and monumentality to the space, symbolic of the enduring presence of the culture in the area.

A canopy of tree-like sculptures protects the site connecting the centre to nature and the surrounding landscape.

Architectural plan
Architectural section drawing
Architectural visual