Wiktoria Bloch

The centre’s main purpose is to enhance The Grove Community’s experience on-site. To provide its users with comfortable spaces and the appropriate facilities to host events, activities and welcome visitors. At the ‘heart’ of the centre, there is the community kitchen that connects to a glazed intermediate space, that fully opens out onto an area of decking. The design forms an ‘L’’ shape that frames a spacious outdoor area. All activity and gathering spaces have south face glazing in the form of bi-fold doors. They allow for a fluid transition between the indoors and outdoors, allowing the community to find shelter without ‘completely leaving the outdoors’.

The activity spaces are orientated to face the west end tree canopies, creating a calming view for the users. While the community kitchen and celebration space face south, overlooking the poly-tunnels and the rest of the site. The celebration area, which is a large, ventilated hall, is a versatile space that can serve multiple occasions, events, and activities. The form continues the geometry of the rest of the centre but takes on a slight manipulation of dimensions, causing it to differ in height. This creates a much ‘grander’ yet still familiar experience for the users.

Architectural plan and visual
Architectural plan
Physical models