Architecture Part 2

Architecture Part 2

Part 2 of the architecture course (Stages 5 & 6) engages students with complex issues relating to the design of buildings and our environment and offers opportunities to pursue specialist routes that draw on the expertise of staff /visiting professors/visiting lecturers and relate to the areas of research interest and experience of the School. Students align themselves into one of three units and develop an in-depth and complex individual design project in relation to the unit theme over two years.

In year five students work collaboratively to gather information about their site, analyse it and prepare a masterplan. This exercise is the foundation of the masters years and the research that is undertaken during year five will form the basis for their project going forward. Towards the latter part of year five each student will have found a focus and will have worked on a scheme to developed design standard.

The final year of the masters programme allows the students to look in greater depth at their project and explore its materiality and technical design.

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A selection of work from out Master level work can be found below. This is a mix of year five and year six work. This work can also be found using the links above.