Erin Wilkinson

Architectural visual

Clachan Spirit proposes a sustainable housing development through the adaptive reuse of dilapidated buildings to create new affordable homes. It aims to bring unused land back to life through the restoration of old ruins and introduction of new builds.

This proposal takes inspiration from traditional pre-crofting settlements by creating a cluster of homes with integrated communal facilities to encourage togetherness and a healthy live -work balance. This contemporary take on a traditional clachan aims to encourage connected living by providing functional outdoor and indoor communal spaces.

This allows for skills and amenities to be shared amongst residents. This scheme creates a connected micro community within the Island, built by the residents to promote sustainable living practices and encapsulating the spirit of a clachan. To further my study of window types I decided to revisit this project and see how it could be enhanced by more playful window types.

Architectural diagrams

I first proposed a revised site plan, influenced by what areas are subject to sunlight, viewpoints and what neighbours may be overlooked. I then explored openings alongside the floor plan and elevations of each building, considering sunlight, solar gain, viewpoints as well as proportions, materials and traditional rural architectural traits.

Architectural visual
Architectural visual
Exhibition space