Kit Habiby

The aim of the project is to transform the Orcadian village of Finstown into a rich landscape inspired by tales of the fantastical realm of Hyperborea, a land of eternal spring beyond the north Winds. We will achieve this through innovative architecture that brings new life to the village while respecting and nurturing the independence and self-sufficiency of its people. My project aims to contribute to this self-sufficient paradise by using hydroponics to provide the local community with the fruit, vegetables and herbs that they are traditional unable to grow.

From the beginning, this project was about growing crops where those crops would usually not grow. This led to the idea of placing the buildings high up on the steep North facing slope above the village, where the land is infertile, and it is impossible to grow crops with traditional methods. The use of hydroponics allows us to transcend the limitations of the site. While the facility can be on a slope, the hydroponics themselves are better placed on flat ground and so it becomes necessary to create terraces on the slope to accommodate the hydroponics.

Architectural plan
Architectural section drawing
Architectural elevation drawing
Architectural visual
  • Exhibition space
  • Exhibition space