Erin Anderson

Our project this year imagines that Oban has been selected to host a sporting event in 2024 and will bring a variety of visitors to the town and present an opportunity for developing and enhancing Oban as well as its neighbouring communities. The construction of the stadia and housing for the games will create several job and investment opportunities for the community. The games will host up to 6,000 spectators each year, with the success of the games the communities will receive a large economic boost.

The proposal for the Oban 2024 will tackle 2 main objectives:

Stadia – A maximum of 4,000 seated capacities for the main sporting events along with smaller spectator areas for smaller events, planned out to best suit accommodated area.

Housing – Temporary housing to home both visiting athletes and their families, coaches etc. the designed housing must be built to maintain a ‘legacy’ and be suitable to convert into affordable accommodation.

The tiny house design was a way for a smaller dwelling to be developed, utilizing all the available room without having any unused space. Developing a tiny house also opened the opportunity to either move the units while fully assembled or dismantle and transport them. The smaller approach was better suited to the short-term residencies as these visitors wouldn’t be staying for long, and so only required facilities like that of a hotel.

Several different spatial organisations were examined to best determine what was required in accommodation of this type such as the addition of a kitchen to allow for more privacy or a dining area which would develop comfort for the athletes. A simple pitched root will allow for a sleek exterior and a taller ceiling, preventing the tiny house’ from feeling too tiny.

Architectural detail
Architectural plan
Architectural section drawing
Architectural diagram
architectural detail
architectural detail
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